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Each day people everywhere are using social media, if they are connecting with the news and other PR related outlets people use it all the time. Each blog post I post will be centered on shedding light on the entertainment industry and the influence of public relations towards others, and to also learn more about it for myself through intensive research online.

Through my blog, Creativity Surrounding PR, I am going to express my ideas and opinions in a professional and efficient manner and also use articles or information from online to direct my blog to represent PR, while still focusing on being personal and creative with each post. Creativity Surrounding PR will focus on my PR topics like social media usage, fashion, event planning, and marketing, including the entertainment industry. I hope to gain insight about the entertainment industry and ideas, as well as the bright future social media has to offer to the worldwide media.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy my blog posts! Feel free to follow me on Twitter.