How to create a professional image for yourself

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Being a PR student attending college, a main goal I focus on is to have a clean and professional image that represents myself in an authoritative way towards other PR professionals for my future career. When I am not in the room, I want others to see me through my “desired professional image.” It’s always a challenge to create a positive professional image for yourself. There is a significant congruence between the desired professional image and the perceived professional image. All professionals will experience at least one negative predicament or event in their life that will reflect poorly on their image, character, commitment, and competence. Some professionals may be negatively effected through stereotyped identity groups which is known as devaluation. People can manage their impressions through these strategies of non-verbal behavior (appearance), verbal (vocal pitch) and demonstrative acts (job performance). Unfortunately, even positive stereotypes can pose challenges to pursue a professional image like if someone isn’t meeting their required expectations of their social identity groups.  But on the other hand, thankfully here are a few more tips and tricks to help build a positive professional image for yourself:

  • Be the author of your own identity
  • Take a strategic, proactive approach to managing your image
  • Identify your ideal state
  • Assess your current image, culture and audience
  • Use strategic self-presentation to manage impressions and change your image
  • Conduct a cost-benefit analysis for image change
  • Manage the effort you invest in the process
  • Monitoring others’ perceptions of you/your own behavior
  • Preoccupation with proving worth and legitimacy

Article: “Creating a Positive Professional Image”