Social Media

social media cloud

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn has increased around the globe and grown generation by generation while continuing to become more advanced in multiple ways. Its an approach to become connected with family, friends and other professional encounters, as well as staying updated with celebrities and other specific news like sports or entertainment. An article from The New York Times, called “Social networking sites and our lives” states how the number of people using social media networking sites has nearly doubled since 2008 and the the population age of social media has gotten older. The older generation has gotten on Facebook and connects with people from high school, extended family, college friends, coworkers, immediate family, people with voluntary groups, and neighbors while the younger generation has moved off of Facebook to other networking accounts to connect with their friends including Instagram, Twitter, and Vine. Further information the article states was people were asked if they felt that if “people can be trusted on Facebook.” Evidence was found in a survey that the typical user is more than twice as likely to be trusted. Social media is becoming a bigger topic of today and will increase throughout our lives with expanding its whereabouts and creating better technology through out the years  continuing on to generation to generation. I tend to ask myself this question everyday, “What will our technology be like 20-30 years from now when we already find it so incredibly advanced?” I guess only time will tell, but I could not be anymore excited to see what will be uncovered.

Photo: Web Titan