Fashion PR

Fashion PR focuses on creating trends that attract consumers and a high value of attention on designer clothes. The article The Role of Public Relations Representative in Fashion states, “The role of a public relations representative in this industry is critical because she puts the face of her client companies out in the world.” PR representatives face big decisions everyday for the clients and industry and always struggle with if the choice will positively or negatively affect their business and their PR image. This person focuses on marketing the latest and most popular fashions to clients around the world in artistic and unique ways. Their goals are to help  increase  journalists and bloggers to gain an interest inn their products and if bloggers or journalists chose to write about their products it will gain fame for their items and to have popularity amongst consumers or celebrities. One of the most important aspects for public relations managers is to define and maintain their company’s image and “brand”. A good public relations specialist must strive to keep their promotions consistent by never giving mixed messages, as well as encouraging the promotion line to consumers/clients or giving a good reputation at events. Unfortunately, all fashion public relations representatives typically expect complaints on a regular basis. They have to deal with customers who are upset about incorrect or late shipments, damaged merchandise or other poor misunderstandings. Fashion PR Representatives should always have a smile on there face, listen to their complaints and be cheerful to customers so that they can gain their trust while working directly with them.


Photo: DL Girl