Event Planning

Photo: Crystal Event Planning


Event planning focuses on creating and developing large upscale events such as conferences, concerts, formal parties, conventions, festivals, ceremonies, and birthday parties. Event planners want to successful target their audiences and to plan the main logistics while coordinating the “technical”  aspects before launching the events. Just like every other event planner in the world, there are tough points including budget, scheduling, site selection, coordinating transportation and parking, arranging speakers, searching for entertainers, security for the events, catering, and emergency backup plans. New media is used to target event planner’s audiences where they hope to generate their work tools and planning designs through media coverage and creating a goal of reaching thousands of people around the world. Also, inviting their audiences to the created events and reaching towards them at the actual events. Creating and scheduling events does not always run smoothly like expected, but in the end the hard work always shows through the outcome of the events or activities.

Article: “The Future of Event Planning and Social Media”